Holistic Stress Management

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The concept of all forms of alternative healing is that there is no distinction between the mind, body and spirit. This implies that all physical illnesses have an emotional counterpart. By looking at the emotional issues around illness quite often the physical problems become not so intense and in some instances are removed altogether.

Life is often full of stressful situations even getting to work especially if working in big cities can take its toll. These have been proven over a period of time to create the circumstances for high blood pressure and digestive problems.

If you think that you have a stressed lifestyle and feel anxious then you may find that coming to see a stress manager will help. As I am also trained as a naturopath I can see the link between the body and stress and so may look at ways of physically balancing life. For instance it is no good finding you are okay emotionally without looking at diet and lifestyle

A holistic stress manager can help with recurrent coughs and colds, digestive upsets, emotional difficulties and also support people who are chronically ill or their close families plus many more.

Holistic stress management uses naturopathic techniques (using nature to cure) and also NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and deep relaxation.


Have you ever wondered why:

  • Someone else got the job you wanted
  • The children get you down
  • Family life is a problem
  • Life is a struggle
  • You know you can do better
  • You want to do something new?

If you feel that these are your issues then Life Coaching may be the answer.

For a minimum of 4 weekly sessions you will find that life starts to improve and you have a greater chance of fulfilling your ambitions. This is like having your personal trainer but instead of working on your physical well-being you look at your life-style.

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