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Enhancing your resistance to coughs, colds and flu using natural methods

Natures Cures - Courses Overview

My main concern is that people need more confidence and knowledge so that they can treat themselves and their families with minor health problems.By giving people the tools to take control of their lives they are happier and more aware of how they can help others. This leads eventually to the type of community we all wish for where everyone has an ability to give.

Because of this I have designed this Natures Cures Course for ordinary people to explore ways of helping themselves and their families. This also mentions boundaries so we discuss where we would call in expert help. The course covers minor ailments such as aches and pains and coughs and colds. A leaflet giving the course description can be sent on request.

This course was so popular that my students asked me to start a second one and this one looks at the root cause of disease through eastern philosophy such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. We also look at how flower remedies especially the Bach Flower remedies can be used for negative emotional states.

Another area is making healing oils and ointments at home. This is quite easy once the process is seen and the product made is much better than that produced commercially. For this reason I have designed a Herbal Preparation day. You not only see them being made but also join in with the preparation. At the end you will return home with herbal products made by you.

Examples of how these courses have helped others

Bill was so delighted with the course that he has incorporated the knowledge into his kiniesiology and makes up ointments for his clients.

Sally was so keen to learn more that after the courses she came to work with me.

Emma didn't want the course to stop so I found the group meeting at mine once a month after the courses finished.

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