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I have made about 80 Flower Essences from plants growing close to my home. As these Flower Essences are made by hand they have a greater vibrational energy and work better than those produced commercially.

It is the vibrational energy of the flower essences that is important. By taking a minute quantity of the flower essence in the same way as a homeopathic remedy great positive changes can be seen on the emotional level. Dr Edward Bach, in the 1930's, realised that all illnesses could be cured not just on the physical level but on the emotional level as well for real holistic healing to take place.

To make a Flower Remedy I dowse for the selection. Usually 3 to 5 essences are chosen and these are combined in a 20 ml bottle containing 50% brandy and water. In this way very specific remedies are produced which are specific for the person's needs. These flower remedies can be used if the person is on other medicine and so are very useful in conjunction with chemotherapy etc. They can also be applied to the lips if the person is in a coma.

This flower remedy is then taken as 4 drops, 4 X day in water of drink until the bottle is finished. These flower remedies are not just specific for that person but also specific for that time. That is why if another remedy is required at a later date the selection will change. These can be sent by post and the selection can be found from the first name and a brief description of the person.

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Examples of how it did help.

A woman came to me very worried about her brother John who was just divorced. He was a policeman and very depressed.I gave her the flower remedy for him and did not see her again for 3 weeks. When I saw her again I asked her how her brother was being concerned.
"Oh " she said "He's found another girl and is very happy"

I helped a woman Diana with the diagnosis and surgery of breast cancer, the succeeding chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She came through stronger than she was initially looking for ways to help others.